Kiplinger Magazine Posts Reverse Mortgage Quiz

On June 11, 2018 Kiplinger posted an on-line quiz for reverse mortgages. The article was titled Reverse Mortgage Quiz: Test Your Knowledge.
Reverse Mortgage Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

On June 11, 2018 Kiplinger posted an on-line quiz for reverse mortgages.  The article was titled Reverse Mortgage Quiz:  Test Your Knowledge.

The author, Jamie Hopkins, is a Professor of Retirement Income Planning at The American College of Financial Services.  He created this quiz to help
teach people about reverse mortgages because, “home equity is America’s largest retirement asset, it can be nearly twice as much as their investment

“Very few retirees or their financial advisors, however, know much about how to properly utilize home equity in retirement planning.” He continues, “Tapping
into home equity must be done thoughtfully and through a well-informed, comprehensive retirement planning process.”

I recommend taking the 5-7-minute quiz and see how you did.  The average person taking the test scores 7 out of 10 correct.  This however, can
be skewed by the number of reverse mortgage professionals that have probably participated. 

You can find the short article and quiz Reverse Mortgage Quiz: Test Your Knowledge .

I’d love to hear how you did and answer any questions you have about it.  Please feel free to call me at my direct line 303-467-7821 or e-mail me
at or text me at 303-513-2748.

Bruce Simmons

Bruce Simmons

I absolutely love what I do - working with senior homeowners to help them live a more comfortable, flexible and secure retirement. I have the absolute best customers in the world, and even though I worked in the forward mortgage business for a number of years, I could never go back to doing conventional loans. I'm a 100% reverse mortgage specialist.

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