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What Are The Costs In Getting A Reverse Mortgage
What are the costs in getting a reverse mortgage? Not just the upfront closing costs, but all the costs. What are the benefits that you would receive if you did a reverse mortgage? The best way to decide if a reverse mortgage is right for you is do a cost/benefit analysis. This is what Bruce talks about on the show this week.
A Hodge-Podge Of Reverse Mortgage Information
Today’s show is a hodge-podge of reverse mortgage information. Bruce talks about how reverse mortgages work and the details around it.
Screwy Home Equity Mortgage Rules
Home Equity Conversion Mortgages sure have some screwy rules! What does “Initial Disbursement Limit” mean? How does “Lien Seasoning” work? Get the answers to these questions and more by listening now.
Your Reverse Mortgage Questions Answered - Round 2
Listener questions answered. Bruce continues the theme he started last week answering a couple more listener questions. Today’s questions are “Why do I have to pay interest on reverse mortgages when I am using my own money?” and “What is the difference between an FHA Home Equity Conversion Mortgage and a proprietary reverse mortgage?” Listen now for the answers.
Your Reverse Mortgage Questions Answered
On the show today Bruce answers a few listener’s questions. Questions Like “Why is there mortgage insurance on FHA reverse mortgage loans?” And “What happens if I outlive the reverse mortgage?”. If you have questions like these about reverse mortgages, you should listen now.
Can You Get A Reverse Mortgage If You Are Not 62 But Your Spouse Is
Can you get a reverse mortgage if you are not 62 but your spouse is? Technically, no. You cannot get the loan, but your spouse who is 62 can. You would be considered a “Non-Borrowing Spouse” (NBS). There are rules that you should know about how this works if this applies to you. Listen now to learn all about NBS rules.
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