Reverse Mortgage Purchase

Reverse Mortgage Purchase

Buying A Home With A Reverse Mortgage In Colorado?

Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Purchase Program

Thank you for investing the time to learn about the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Purchase Program.  This is an FHA program that allow people age 62 and over to use an FHA insured  reverse mortgage to buy a new or existing primary residence.

This program works just like any other mortgage used to buy a home except that with a reverse mortgage the buyers do not have to obligate themselves to a monthly mortgage payment.  The home will be in the buyers name so they will have to pay all property taxes, homeowner’s insurance and maintenance on the home, but with no mortgage payments, qualification is much easier.

Please take the time to check out the links on the left that apply to you (are you a buyer or a real estate agent?), and then please contact me with any questions.

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Reverse Mortgage Guide

Free Reverse Mortgage Guide

This 28-page Consumer Guide will help you make and informed decision whether a reverse mortgage is right for you.