Testimonials From Real Reverse Mortgage Customers

This testimonials page has actual stories from real customers that I have helped over the years. Most of the testimonials are un-edited, or only slightly edited so as not to share any personal information.

“Unfortunately, I don’t remember the details on all of the customers that wrote me, but I did give a brief explanation of the ones that I do remember. My comments are in red. This is what some of my customers have said about the reverse mortgage that I put together for them”

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Real Client Testimonials

This testimonial is from a wonderful lady that was very torn about doing a reverse mortgage. She knew that if she wanted to stay in her home that she would have to do it, but felt like she was giving up her home, and she wanted to save the equity to give to charity when she died.

I had been in the reverse mortgage business for less than a year when we did this loan in 2004, but she called me in 2010 to make a change to her payment plan and told me that the reverse mortgage was still the best thing she had done and it allows her to sleep well at night. She was very, very nice to send me this testimonial.

"I first looked into getting a reverse mortgage five or six years ago and even began the process. But I was so nervous about it that I got cold feet and backed out.

But because of the big hit I took on my investments, I found myself in a dire situation and had to do something. I was literally close to panic stage. I was a basket case when I decided to do the reverse mortgage.

"But the reverse mortgage has been a life saver. I wouldn't have made it without it. The difference has been night and day.

"I also want to thank you, Bruce, for your generosity of time, your kindness and concern, your patience with the conflict I was feeling, and your courtesy. All of these amazing attributes lifted your work above the 'ordinary salesman' trying to close a deal. As I look back at the process, that made a great deal to me - the human touch - for that I will be eternally grateful.

"That is one of the things that makes me so willing to recommend you and your work to others. I trust that you and I will always feel that."

Marcelene Dillon
Denver, CO

This testimonial is from a very nice couple that chose to receive part of the money as a lump sum to payoff some bills and receive the rest in a monthly payment from the reverse mortgage. I have talked with them numerous times over the years. Unfortunately, Mr. Adams passed away a couple of years ago and I helped Mrs. Adams contact customer service to get them a copy of the death certificate. She still lives in her home and is very pleased with the reverse mortgage.

"We are so glad that we did this reverse mortgage!

"We were only receiving about $1400 per month from Social Security and a lot of that was going to Dick's medicine. We also had a small second mortgage and a car loan with the credit union. We were really tied down and didn't have anything left over. We couldn't even go out to dinner once in a while.

"But now, without those payments and with the $500 monthly check from the reverse mortgage, we're doing much better. We meet every week with friends from church to go out to dinner.

"We're very happy with the reverse mortgage. It really got us out of the woods."

Dick & Ann Marie Adams
Broomfield, CO

Here is a testimonial from a woman that was very skeptical about the reverse mortgage but was open enough to learn how it works. Obviously, she moved forward with it and is very pleased with the results.

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I have been ever since going ahead with the reverse mortgage.

"At first, I must admit that I was quite apprehensive about this, but after meeting and speaking with you , Mr. Simmons, and having the reverse mortgage explained to me, I must say, I was very enthusiastic.

"The reverse mortgage allowed me to pay off some high interest bills and also have cash available to me as needed. I was also able to take care of some repairs to my home.

"Getting this reverse mortgage has been a very satisfying experience and everyone that I had contact with was very pleasant and accommodating.

"Thank you so very much."

Evelyn Willis
Golden, CO

"I want to thank you, Bruce, for helping me in getting a reverse mortgage on my home. You were very professional and patient in explaining everything so I could understand the process.

"By getting a reverse mortgage it has given me some financial relief as well as peace of mind. If I hear of anyone wanting to do a reverse mortgage, I will be sure to refer them to you.

"Again, I appreciate all your help."

Ruth Palmer
Loveland, CO

"I just want to thank you for making our reverse mortgage loan so simple and exciting. Everything went along smoothly. We appreciate the fact that we didn't have to leave the house. No problems at all.

"You didn't rush us and we had lots of time to think about this. I'm glad my son found you to do business with us. I know we can call you for any questions we have. I will tell my friends about you. Thanks again.

"P.S. We haven't used any money from the line of credit yet, but what a great feeling it is to feel secure."

Fred and Nita Muniz
Denver, CO

"We would like to tell you, Bruce, that this reverse mortgage has been a great deal for us. It might not be for everyone, but it was very good for our situation. It means that Pat will be able to retire and we will be able to enjoy our retirement.

"It was a pleasure working with you, you were always there to answer and questions for us and guide us through the process. We certainly will keep your cards and recommend you to anyone who might need a reverse mortgage. Wishing you success in all you do."

Larry & Pat Schlagel
Longmont, CO

Mr. & Mrs. Hay are very fun people. They love to travel and mention a “fleet change” in their testimonial. They are also in the “Model A” club and were able to buy a 1931 Coupe that they love. This is one of my favorite testimonials because you can just hear how much fun they are having.

"We can't thank you enough for getting us through the reverse mortgage process. You made it seamless, and for that, we thank you. You always helped us with any questions and we felt very comfortable with you. You are so knowledgeable and it is so appreciated.

"The reverse mortgage has helped us to make a 'fleet change'. We always hoped to own a 5th wheel and the reverse mortgage made it possible. Well, then I told Max, now we need a new truck to pull it with, so we traded in the ole faithful dodge for a new beautify diesel Ford Super Duty 250. "We feel very fortunate to have made the decision to get a reverse mortgage and to have you as our 'mentor' to have helped accomplish this. If any of our friends have questions regarding the reverse mortgage, Bruce, you will be the first to know.

"We will keep in touch. Many thanks."

Max & Celia Hay
Arvada, CO

Tom and I want to thank you so very much for helping us with our reverse mortgage. The whole process from start to finish was so easy.

"You represent the reverse mortgage industry in the highest professional manner. Our financial burden was relieved and for this we will be forever grateful."

Tom & Emily Poole
Arvada, CO

"Well, the reverse mortgage is now signed, sealed and delivered, thanks to you. I can't tell you how much I'm in your debt.

"Thank you for saving my life and my sanity. I can now sleep at night and have fewer worries. You were wonderful to work with and I know there is a special place in heaven for you!"

Betty Cruz
Westminster, CO

Mr. & Mrs. Goldburg are very nice and educated people who gave the reverse mortgage a lot of consideration before deciding to move forward with it. This is a very complementary testimonial that I copied word for word.

"Bruce, you were an excellent counselor who guided us superbly through the steps that lead to our obtaining a reverse mortgage.

"Since both of us are on fixed incomes, the reverse mortgage has reduced our financial uncertainties and alleviated the concerns our adult children have had about our financial well being. We are currently planning an international three week trip. "It became clear to us as we worked together that you placed our best interests above all other considerations. You never attempted to cajole or manipulate us and you continually made sure that we were fully aware of the implications, for us and for our entire family, of what we were doing.

"During the entire process we recognized that with you, we were in good hands, and that we could freely make a wise and worthwhile decision.

Judy and Alvin Goldberg
Denver, CO

This testimonial so from a very nice lady who was laid off about nine months prior to doing the reverse mortgage. She wrote the testimonial to my supervisor so she is talking  about me instead of to  me.

"I am writing this letter to express my appreciation for the fine work Bruce Simmons performed when I decided to take advantage of the reverse mortgage opportunity offered to me. He spent a great deal of time with me, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of taking on a reverse mortgage, and I ultimately decided it was the right way to go, financially. And it proved to be the correct decision in my case.

"Having this reverse mortgage has put my mind at ease month after month knowing I have a home which is mine to enjoy for as long as I live here. The security I feel daily cannot be measured in words. I have been unemployed since 2005 and there is no way I could keep up my mortgage payments if I had not chosen the reverse mortgage route. This alone has been a pure blessing in my life.

"Bruce explained the limits a reverse mortgage has, and the biggest one to me is that I will take quite a loss if I decide to sell my home in the near future. However, that compared to the fact that I could lose my home due to the inability to pay the mortgage payment, is a small sacrifice for the security I feel with my reverse mortgage.

"I am thankful that I had the information and guidance provided by Bruce Simmons and because of his honest and pleasant nature, I never hesitate to call him when I am in need of guidance in connection with my home. He is always there to help me with my questions and has never given any indication that I am imposing on his time. That's a wonderful trait and one that is so precious to seniors, especially.

"The reverse mortgage plan truly works for me. I have been able to retire and do not suffer from the stress of having to go back to work merely to keep a roof over my head; it has given me the independence to make that decision without the fear of losing my home.

"I thank Bruce Simmons for making that possible."

Judith Longo
Westminster, CO

"Thank you for assisting us with our reverse mortgage needs. It has allowed me not to fear what will happen to my wife if, God forbid, something happens to me. We feel safe knowing we always have a place to live no matter the economy. I am semi-retired so my earning power is not as great as it was in the past. For people our age, especially with the protection HUD gives to the reverse mortgage holder, this is a God send.

"We want to thank you, Mr. Simmons, for the time and effort you provided to help us accomplish our needs. Clearly you possess the integrity and the honesty required to be successful in the reverse mortgage business. We feel you were the right person at the right time to help us and we thank you for that.

"It is always hard to explain how you just know the person you are working with is doing all he can to help you accomplish what one wants to accomplish. That is how we felt when we met you and we do feel that if we ever have any questions we can call you for help.

"Take care and God love you."

Joe & Eula LaNier
Highlands Ranch, CO

"Louie and I would like to thank you for all of your guidance through the reverse mortgage process. As you know, I was very skeptical as I was worried how this would affect our children once we were gone. You were very patient with us, answered all of our questions and explained how it all worked.

"Since getting the reverse mortgage, we are able to breathe a little easier knowing that we don't have a mortgage to pay. It has helped us a great deal financially to afford medical expenses, groceries, gas and everyday living expenses.

"Thank you for your time. You made this an exceptional experience."

Louie and Bard Oscarman
Arvada, CO

A few years back I worked with the daughter of a very sweet couple to get them a reverse mortgage. This testimonial is from her to my supervisor.

"I want to thank you for putting me in touch with Bruce Simmons to help secure a reverse mortgage for my parents.

"Mr. Simmons was extremely helpful and patient in working with my parents during the application process and closing. His patience and kindness toward my parents during his meetings with them was very much appreciated. He made what I thought would be a very complicated process, go very smoothly.

"I am very glad that I was able to find Mr. Simmons to help support my parents with their financial needs."

Gail Vaseen Moler
Lakewood, CO

"Thank you so much for helping me out with the reverse mortgage. I especially appreciated your direct method of telling me what I needed to know to make a decision without getting everything blown way out of proportion. I'm really not into flowering descriptions that usually aren't helpful.

"Wishing you continued success"

Glendora Severson
Boulder, CO

Here is another testimonial to my supervisor from 2011 after the customer found out I had moved to another company.

"This note concerns my experience with Mr. Simmons in completing a reverse mortgage recently. He is very personable, easy to talk to, and a great listener. I'm grateful to have had his expertise to assist me in this process, ending in the closure of the reverse mortgage."
Anne Shelden
Longmont, CO

"I am happy to say that I am very satisfied with my decision to go ahead with the reverse mortgage. It will give me more freedom financially and I will be in a better position than I was before.

"From the very beginning you were very helpful explaining the reverse mortgage program to me and were willing to go 'out of your way' to make calls and check to make sure everything was going well. I appreciate everything you did and were very professional in handling all aspects.

"I will certainly recommend you to anyone who is interested in a reverse mortgage. I will call you if I have any questions in the future."

Ingrid Edge
Aurora, CO

You may have noticed that a lot of these people said they would call me if they have any questions. I always tell my customers to feel free to call me any time, next week or next year, if they have any questions. And a lot of them do.

I think it’s great to hear from past customers and to find out how they’re doing two, three, or four years after I worked with them.

So of course, I want to extend the same invitation to you.

Please feel free to contact me directly:

Bruce E. Simmons
(303) 467-7821

Obviously, these people are all very satisfied customers, but if you would like the learn the disadvantages as well as the advantages of reverse mortgages, check out my Reverse Mortgage Pros and Cons page.